My Own Final Fantasy Character

“Kameyo Watanabe: The dangerous and beautiful warrior.”

This is my attempt at a Final Fantasy character. This is fan art. The Final Fantasy role-playing video game franchises is the copyright of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

Kameyo Watanabe: The Dangerous And Beautiful WarriorFor the figure I went with DAZ 3D’s new Genesis mesh. At this time the new Genesis base mesh is only compatible with DAZ Studio 4 and is bundle with it.

I chose Genesis to see how easy it would help me get rid of poke through in clothing, especially when layering clothing on top of each other; like the top vest over the fishnet t-shirt I selected for this piece. The outfit that I decided to use here, after several attempts to find one I liked, is the Black Phoenix Outfit. The outfit was designed for Victoria 4, but I can’t use the Auto-Fit tool to fit the outfit to the Genesis figure as it will not retain the morphs. In order to retain the outfit’s top’s morphs I need to convert the top to a weight-mapped item and then use the Transfer Utility to fit the top to my Genesis figure.

Here are the instructions to get that done:

For this scene this outfit has only one piece whose morphs I wanted to retain and that is the top. Here are the steps to get that done:

  1. Load a Generation 4 clothing item into the scene, if the Auto-Fit’s tool dialogue appears click Cancel. (It launches only when a Genesis figure is selected in the scene when you load a Generation 4 clothing item. To avoid the auto-fit tool from launching make sure a Genesis figure in the scene is not selected prior to loading the clothing item).
  2. Select the clothing item and convert it to weight-mapping (it’s in the Edit menu, and also in the Scene palette option menu, right click on the tab, then go to the Edit sub menu [Edit>Convert Figure to Weight Mapping…]). Leave TriAx selected and click Accept.
  3. Next launch the Transfer utility (it’s in the Edit menu, and also in the Scene pane’s option menu, in the Assets sub menu [Assets/Transfer Utility]). As Source select Genesis, and for the Shape select Clone and then the figure the clothing item was made for in the pop-up dialogue. For Target pick the weight-mapped converted clothing item. Click the button to show extended options and check Reverse source shape from target. Optionally pick a template, as you would using the Auto-Fit tool. Click Accept.

That should give you the converted clothes with the morphs intact.

(Starting with DAZ Studio 4.5 the auto-fit tool will have the ability to retain the morphs, making the steps I outlined here unnecessary.)

Now I have a converted top with the morphs intact. The morphs are very important if I want control over the top, especially control over its skirt (for posing). The Transfer Utility fitted the top to Genesis automatically for me as I had the option Fit to source figure checked in the Post Transfer Options.

The next step was to get rid of poke throughs that eventually happened between the t-shirt and the outfit’s top. Instead of me explaining how I used smoothing and collision detection to help me with the poke throughs I have linked to DAZ 3D’s video explaining how to use them:

The smoothing helped a lot but it was not perfect, some poke through remained, although very minimal and in this case because the fishnet t-shirt is black and very fine you can’t even tell there are a few scattered poke throughs between the t-shirt and the top.

Here’s a video from DAZ 3D explaining how to use the Auto-Fit Tool:

I rendered the scenes with Luxrender with the help of the Reality for DAZ Studio plug-in. These are some of the 3D models used in the scene.

Black Phoenix Outfit
Xenia Hair
Fantasy Forge
City Ruins Building 01

The figure I used for my own Final Fantasy character is a combination of Genesis Generation X converted V4 body with the face and skin mat of another V4 model that is no longer being sold. At DAZ 3D you can find many characters for Genesis, such as Miyu, if you like to create your own unique Final Fantasy fan art.

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