Archon1 is a large deep space science vessel,
capable of landing on a small planet.”

We all know where the design inspiration for this space ship model originated from, the USCSS Prometheus! — An FTL (faster than light)-capable Space Exploration Vehicle. Archon1 isn’t the Prometheus, and I am glad, as it is just an “inspired by derived work,” so we can all go crazy rendering with it for commercial purposes to our hearts content. I really do like this ship, it has a charm of its own and I was able to do a few renders with it that were very good.

Archon1: A Large Deep Space Science VesselIn this render the Archon1 is used to help explore a semi-desert/sub-tropical planet. (If Ridley Scott can actually have the balls to put out Prometheus with a straight face then I can put flowers and butterflies in my dry deserts! LOL!)

After looking at a few images from the movie Prometheus I learned that the USCSS Prometheus is actually a larger vessel than the Archon1. It is taller as well and when on the ground the engine nacelles look like huge towers, not so much on the Archon1.

The DAZ Studio version of the Archon1 features a detailed bridge interior with movable seats, a large cargo bay with a retractable door ramp, retractable landing gears, a retractable communications/astronomy bay, and movable engine parts for both vertical and horizontal flight movement.

Archon1: A Large Deep Space Science VesselThe Archon1 model does not come with engine exhaust, you will have to create them yourself or use DAZ Studio or Poser add-ons to get the desired effect, or create them in post work. I used the Hero FX Xtreme product to create the exhaust for my renders. The morph settings I used on the base are: Curve: 3589.6%, Height: 1563.9%, and Width: -1297.9%, then just apply the effects you want.

For planet and world building there are several products you can acquire to create awesome sci-fi renders. Here is just a small list:

The All New Worldbase XT Lushlands
Strange Worlds: Planet Pack
Space Sphere
HFS Space System: Space Dome

You can even create mining operations with very cheap but high-quality models, such as MrSparky’s sci-fi vehicles (at the time of this post, for $1.99 each!):

Dino Truck
Overlander MegaPack - Poser
Star Tug

Update Oct. 19, 2012: I found a video animation of it by the modeler at Youtube:

So much for the criticism of it being low poly. It actually looks great in that animation, and I don’t think the animation was rendered in DAZ Studio or Poser.


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