DAZ Studio Material Settings for the FLEXXSUIT for M4 – H4

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Here’s my first freebie. A set of DAZ Studio 4.5 material preset settings for Xurge 3D’s FlexxSuit for M4-H4. These material presets will not work with DAZ Studio versions lower than DAZ Studio 4.5, and, of course, you will need to own the FlexxSuit for M4-H4.

The FlexxSuit was made for Poser not DAZ Studio, which is why when you load it in DAZ Studio many of the settings do not get set and the displacement map is not even loaded. The displacement map is very important, without it your suit will look flat when rendered (believe me, I have seen a few renders with the FlexxSuit where the artist doesn’t even seem to know of the existence of the displacement map). I took care of all that for you and made the suit shine as it does in the promo image by Xurge 3D. I offer three separate material preset files for each of the separate pieces; the helmet, the flexxsuit, and the pouldrons.

Make sure that you save the material preset files into a DAZ Studio Runtime folder as they will not show up if you place them in a Poser Runtime folder.

FlexxSuit M4-H4 Helmet - Eye PointLightsTo get the helmet’s eye lenses to glow red, I used two point lights. I lowered the intensity of the point lights to 0.10% and moved each one as close to an eye as possible. Then I parented the point lights to the helmet (see the image below). Parenting the point lights is important in that when you pose the figure around in your scene the point lights will follow.

FlexxSuit M4-H4 Helmet - Parented Pointlights

In this render I am actually using the FlexxSuit on the new Genesis mesh, not on M4. When you use the FlexxSuit, even on M4, you will see a lot of poke through, just hide the figure’s body parts and that should take care of the issue, never use Mesh Smoothing with Xurge 3D’s clothing as this will separate the parts of the clothing.

Download the material presets by clicking here.

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