Manga Style Shaders for DAZ Studio!

“The best manga style shaders for DAZ Studio.”

Finally! A cartoon/manga style shaders for DAZ Studio that really work! Here are two examples of what I was able to achieve since purchasing these shaders yesterday.

DAZ Studio comes with toon style shaders, but I, and many others, have never really used them as the results you achieve with them will never give you the style of cell shading as the Manga Style Shaders will. To be frank, looking at what I was able to achieve with the DAZ Toon shaders was like looking at my renders through a prism! Checkout the documentation here on the DAZ Toon Shaders and you will see what I mean.

Manga Style Shaders for DAZ StudioI bought pwToon as well when they first canme out, that too got me nowhere, not because they are not better than the DAZ Toon Shaders, but because of a lack of understanding of how to use them, the docs were no help for me at the time. Frustrated, I just abandoned them.

Recently, however, after trying Photoshop and a Photo to Cartoon software and not achieving consistent results, I came upon the Cel-Shading-in-DAZ-Studio guide. That guide convinced me to give the pwToon shaders a second try.

Luckily, just as I was browsing the DAZ Studio store looking for them I came upon a new set of toon shaders that I hadn’t seen before, the Manga Style Shaders for DAZ Studio 4.5!

I was up and running and rendering with the Manga Style Shaders even without the helpful step-by-step guide that came out earlier today. I recommend these over the pwToon shaders and even without the special introductory price, that will expire soon, they will still be about $4 cheaper and you get, aside from manga style presets, 36 Golden Age comics presets!

And why am I so jazzed up about these shaders? Because I am working on a graphic novel that I don’t want to release in 3D format. I want to be able to present it in the time honored tradition of regular hand-drawned graphic novels. The two characters I am using to show you what these shaders are capable of are main characters in my graphic novel.

You just can’t go wrong with these shaders!

Click Here To Get The Manga Style Shaders for DAZ Studio!

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  1. BishounenTaurus says:

    Hey darling! Thanks for the great review! 😀 Didn’t know you had a blog.

  2. (n)Delphi says:

    No problem! Thank you for these shaders! 🙂

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