Miss X-Files for V4

Miss X-Files for V4

“Miss XFiles for V4 by Wishmaster – Gillian Anderson as agent Dana Scully.”

The website hosting the file is gone, so for now you can download it from here.

Miss XFiles for V4 is a look-alike 3D Poser model of Gillian Anderson as agent Dana Scully of the XFiles TV/Movie series. It is based on the Victoria V4 base, but can be converted to Genesis with the use of Genesis Generation X, a DAZ Studio plug-in.

The model is offered exclusively to Erotic Art Zone members. Registration is free. Please note that Erotic Art Zone is an adult site offering erotica 3D art.

Update, Jan. 7th, 2022: I have updated the download link and removed the link to the Erotic Art Zone website as it is just being used by marketers now.

5 Responses to “Miss X-Files for V4”

  1. Joe says:

    Very nice, and I just downloaded it! This site is my go-to reference for Daz/Poser characters based on celebrities.

  2. Crystal says:

    Can’t register. Idiotic website has *THREE* verification questions. One of them asks what color a ball gag is and there is NO FRICKING BALL GAG ON THE PAGE ANYWHERE!

  3. Samaritan says:

    Site hosting the file is gone.

  4. (n)Delphi says:

    The file is available again.

  5. Rockauthor says:

    Thank you for the content. Works nicely.

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