HALO: Spartan Armor 1 for Genesis

“HALO: Spartan Armor 1 for Genesis — ‘Spartans never die.'”

Well EvilEliot is at it again, this time he brings us the Spartan MJOLNIR Mark IV Armor from the Halo universe. You can now render your own Spartans and the Master Chief himself in DAZ Studio. It should work in Carrara 8.5 but I haven't tried it, yet.

I did some initial renders but used a distant light with a few point lights inside the Utopian Deck C corridor but they came out not so good. This time I used the UberEnvironment 2 with an area light pane for the top lights and an UberSpot light to act as a Sun light, I couldn't go with a distant light because I am using a dome from the HFS Space System: Space Dome. The BEO Arch Angel is the nemesis in this render.

3 Responses to “HALO: Spartan Armor 1 for Genesis”

  1. EvilEliot says:

    Wow its awesome, great scene

  2. Jeremy says:

    is there a way to get this to work in Poser?

  3. (n)Delphi says:

    No. It is 100% DAZ Studio 4+ only, down to the Runtime structure. For this to work with Poser EvilEliot will have to create a Poser version.

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